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holistic healing addresses the soul, body, and spirit beyond talk therapy.

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About Me

I am a Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor as well as a Reiki Master Teacher and True Colors Facilitator. I am practicing as a Holistic Therapist at Docked Ships, LLC. We help high functioning individuals (experiencing the effects of sustained resiliency) thrive in their relationship with self and others.


I am a woman (she, her) of African American descent framed with a collectivistic Afro-centric cultural perspective. I received my Master of Arts in Professional Counseling at Liberty University in 2019. I advocate for marginalized communities/issues such as high functioning Black & Brown women (and their families), and body positivity. I consider myself a social scientist and a researcher-practitioner. I study prevalent wellness patterns among minorities to identify appropriate evidence-based treatment approaches.


Focus Area: Anxiety, Depression, & Family as well as Relationship Problems
Issues: Appreciating your unique personal characteristics; Career Counseling; Codependency; Grief; Infidelity; Life Transitions
Marital and Premarital; Peer Relationships; Self Esteem; Self-Awareness (Self-Identity); Other's Awareness; Spirituality; Stress; Women's Issues


We work with individuals, couples, and groups/families. Primary age range 18 yrs & older as well as a few high functioning teenagers.


We practice a biopsychosocial-spiritual approach to healing by addressing the soul, body, and spirit beyond talk therapy. Our services are designed to treat persons as a whole. We incorporate integrative complementary modalities in conjunction with traditional psychotherapy. 

We do offer tele-health counseling (to North Carolina residents only). We also offer face -to- face services to residents of Charlotte, NC and surrounding areas. 

Treatment Modalities

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy: An approach recognizing the thoughts patterns that cause problems, discovering what thoughts are actually true, and finding relief by adopting more truthful and helpful thinking patterns.

Attachment Therapy: An approach that helps to mend or recover from fractured family relationships by fostering a sense of security and the supportive foundation to connect with others.

Solutions Focused Therapy: A goal-setting approach to identify and clarify targets by the use of direct questioning regarding change when steps were taken to resolve problems.

Spiritually-Based Therapy: A client-centered, introspective approach that allows reflection relative to cultural connections and belief systems, in which spirit is the essence of one's existence. Freedom and creativity are used to engage transcendent meanings. Cognitive and philosophic areas of thought as well as aspects of emotions and behavior are utilized to make a plan; for a life of interconnectedness within a greater existence outside of humankind.

Mind/Body Techniques/Mindfulness: These techniques are used to assist in the integration of the mind using deep breathing exercises and meditation. Breath work is utilized to assist in resolving symptoms such as trauma, pain, anxiety, and depression.



Rates & Fees 

Insurance Accepted

We help individuals that are great problem-solvers (for others) fix their own situations. Problem-solvers walk away feeling balanced and reconnected to self.

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Initial Intake/Evaluation

Individual Therapy

Individual Therapy

Individual Therapy

Family Therapy

Family Therapy

Group Therapy

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45 - 60 minutes

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53+ minutes

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15 min increments

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Docked Ships, LLC accepts Aetna, Oscar Health, Oxford, & United Healthcare, Blue Cross Blue Shield as well as Cigna.
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